Speakeasy Salon Suites offers a unique and upscale solution for independent health and beauty professionals. Leveraging our 18-year expertise in the salon industry, we provide comprehensive turn-key solutions, including custom-designed spaces and exclusive amenities. Our focus is on eliminating the hassle of build-out, maintenance, and upkeep, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business quickly and keeping your clients satisfied.

Why Speakeasy Suites

Complete Turn-Key Solutions

Each suite comes fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment required for various health and beauty services. This means professionals can start their business operations immediately without worrying about initial setup costs or equipment procurement.

Customizable Spaces

Although the suites are fully equipped, they are also designed to be customizable. Professionals can personalize their space to reflect their brand and style, giving them the freedom to create an environment that aligns with their vision and clientele’s needs.

Modern Workspace & Design

Experience the luxury and convenience of a modern workspace with our beautifully designed upscale interiors, featuring keyless entry for enhanced security and ease of access. Each tenant enjoys the privilege of a bespoke web page, showcasing their unique services and style.

Ideal Locations

The location of the suites in a high foot traffic area, coupled with the prominent freeway signage, offers excellent marketing and visibility. This strategic location helps in attracting a steady flow of potential clients.

Onsite Laundry & Cleaning Crew

We understand that the little things can make a big difference in your day-to-day operations. That’s why we’re proud to offer an in-house laundry and cleaning crew as part of our comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that your focus remains on providing exceptional services to your clients.

At Speakeasy Suites, we’re thrilled to partner with Ccopper City Marketing to supercharge our tenants’ success. This collaboration means that when you lease with us, you get a premium space and a powerhouse of digital marketing services at your fingertips. Enjoy custom-managed WordPress websites, expert PPC and SEO services, and more designed to boost your online presence.

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